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Finding the Magic in Meditation

Finding the Magic in Meditation

Here's a question for you.  Which best describes you?

I can't meditate because:

  1. I'm too busy
  2. I can't sit still
  3. My mind never stops
  4. All of the above

If you already meditate daily, read on and remember, with gratitude, the reasons why you started.

If you are one of the many who struggle with a meditation practice, take heart. There are solutions.

Meditation is a sure-fire way to connect with Spirit and enjoy a multitude of health benefits 

So why aren't we all hopping on the Meditation Bandwagon?  Because old habits die hard and even creating something new and wonderful for ourselves can feel like one more thing we "should" do.  Getting out of our comfort zone takes courage and determination, and you can do it!

Put the excuses aside, because there is a meditation method for everyone. Here are a few ways to meditate. Find one that resonates with you, and begin with with five to ten minutes a day. It is easy to find that small amount of time.

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Walking Meditation
Ideal for those who can't sit still. Begin by walking in a small area and focus on your breath. Feel the sensations of the movement in your body.  Be present and mindful.  Walk with the intention to connect with Spirit and bring your mind back to your breath if it wanders.

Mantra Meditation
Ideal for those whose mind wanders.  Sit comfortably, but never in bed or you will fall asleep. Choose a word like OM and repeat it mindfully.  You will feel the vibration of this powerful word and your mind will relax.

Mindfulness Meditation
Also for those whose mind wanders.  Sit comfortably and notice your thoughts.  Don't judge your thoughts. Bless them and send them on their way.

Guided Meditation
This is a wonderful way to relax into meditation, letting the calm and soothing voice of a recorded meditation gently guide you to create your new, bliss-inducing habit.

Nothing is more important than taking time to connect with your Divine Self

Even if it is only five minutes per day, it is worth it! From my own personal experience and the experience of many others, when you start to meditate, you do feel it is something that you "should" do.  However, if you stick with it, you eventually come to that magical place where you want to do it.  Then you are forever changed for the better in more ways than you can imagine.

Are you ready to find that magic?

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