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5 Tips for an Amazing Altar

5 Tips for an Amazing Altar

An altar says to the Universe, “I want to connect with you in a deeper way. I am dedicating this space to our Sacred relationship. I am putting you first.” This is where you meditate and take time to be with God/your Divine Self.

When I was first creating my altar, I used a low bedside table that I had picked up from a neighbor who was moving and selling some furnishings. I think it cost me all of $10. Later I switched to a small decorative silver table made in India. I love the look and “feel” of it.  I had originally chosen a low table because I wanted to sit on a meditation cushion, but I never ended up getting a cushion so I use a chair.

My daughter gave me a beautiful silk scarf dyed with vibrant jewel-toned blues and greens and covered with the Om symbol, so I have draped that across the top of my altar table. I love crystals, so I have many amethysts, citrine, clear quartz and other varieties on my altar. I have a statue of an angel, inspiring affirmations and a candle in lotus holder. My altar is against a wall, and above it I have my personal mandala, and some art symbolizing Pisces, my Sun Sign.

Here are five tips that will help you create an altar that serves as your location to focus on meditation. It gets your body, mind and soul ready for the bliss that lies ahead.

1) Create a Space

Choose a place in your home that is quiet and allows you to be alone when you are meditating. This is Sacred Space, where you and Spirit will communicate. Feel the excitement of bringing in new energy and the magic of meditation. Place a table, a stool, a bookcase or anything that you choose as the base of your altar in your chosen area. Spirit does not care what your altar is made of, only that you have created a space.

2) Choose your Sacred Objects

You can use objects from nature, such as pine cones, or plants or special stones.  Flowers are great too as are candles, crystals, or anything that symbolizes the Divine for you. Some people choose statues or pictures of saints or deities like Ganesh or Mary. You might like a fountain, a written prayer, or something from the angelic realm. Consider bringing something to your altar that appeals to the other senses, not just your sight. Maybe you will use mala beads to touch, some incense, candles, a cool glass of water, or a meditation bell or a singing bowl.

3) Consider a Color Scheme or a Theme

Purple is traditionally a “spiritual” color, but feel free to use any color. Some people love the pureness of a white altar with a white cloth draped over it and others prefer a mix of colors, or your may even love the earthiness of plain wood. Take some time to ponder what your spirit is longing to create.  Do you want to have a theme? Will your altar reflect your desire for restored health, or do you want to have an animal theme or have items that reflect the season, directions or the Five Elements?

4) Prepare your Altar and Set an Intention

Now that you have all of the elements that you want for your altar, it is time to place them just where you want them. Listen to your intuition and let it guide your decisions.  A deeper awareness of your intuition will be one of the beautiful benefits to meditating, so start now to cultivate this sense. Bless your altar and say a prayer, knowing deep in your heart that you have deepened your practice and committed to listening to all Spirit has to share.
5) Maintaining your Altar

Think of your altar as an ever-changing creation honoring Spirit. Keep it clean and organized and use it only for your meditation practice. You can grow the number of items you display and add pieces that speak to you that you might collect in nature or at a metaphysical book store. Remember, your altar is Sacred.

Now, pull up a chair or cushion and begin the journey.

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